Serpong Jogja Solo


Hot days continued. All people changed their clothes to the shorter one. t-shirt, short pants, etc. People of my class were busy about summer internship, including me. I had bought a flight to Indonesia for summer vacation and had decided to do the internship in my home country. I asked my teacher whether it possible to do Internship out of Japan or not. He said yes, but the place for the internship must be acknowledged by the principal. I suggested Research Center for Chemistry – Indonesian Institute of Science, a national research institute which has a better possibility to be acknowledged by the principal.

I spent the second half of July in my home country. I arrived the next day after Idul Fitri and start to visit my relatives after that day. Met my cousins and seeing their children, made me think that time flies so fast. At the end of the month, I went to Jogja and Solo because I made a promise to meet someone there. It’s been a long time, Sir. Almost 4 years since the last time We visited your place.

And it’s been a long time since I abandoned this blog.


Surely, next month…

#pasca perjalanan Jatinegara – Depok


9 thoughts on “Serpong Jogja Solo

  1. Hi afaizib. It’s been 6 months since the last time you write yet it come a willing for you to write again. I’m your blog reader, please just keep writing. I read every single page you shared. It comes naturally to me to adore the beautiful, joy and hardest life mix in one, in your life in Japan. God bless you there. 🙂

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