Midterm and Ramadhan


The midterm exam has come. Need an extra effort for studying since the contain of the subject getting crazier than last year. Furthermore, I had to take the exam for Economy and Chinese. But, the real problem is industrial organic chemistry and biochemistry. For industrial organic chemistry I had to memorize many term in Japanese (much more than the other subjects) and catalytic cycles, whereas biochemistry exam type wasn’t very different from applied microbiology last year. The result is quite good for all except for industrial organic chemistry, as I expected. Had to struggle for the final since it was 2 credits.

Ramadhan started at the middle of the month. I did fast with Malaysian friend and usually break fast together at the canteen. Before the ramadhan come, I did an inspection at the canteen providing halal meal for us. Unfortunately, I found that they use non-halal ingredients for seasoning and curry. Different from South East Asia people who use spices as the main seasoning, Japanese seems to use sake, mirin, wine, and any other alcoholic thing. That means for the last 15 months We ate non-halal food without knowing it. May Allah forgive me and my Malaysian friends for this mistake.

Summer is coming, the days grow longer, and the no-posting period of this blog is continued.

Barbeque party, celebrating our success at spring term sport festival
Barbeque party, celebrating our success at spring term sport festival


#Pasca midterm exam, pra ramadhan 1436H


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