Everything in May


Nothing special this month… Just attended an event with the foreigner around Gobo city, got new acquaintance from many countries like Egypt, Brazil, and etc. I played football and chat a lot with Malaysian and Cambodian friends. Try to enjoy my second year to the fullest.

My laboratory session increased this year, twice a week. Luckily I got the inorganic synthesis lab continued by organic synthesis lab, which means I just have to write lab report at the end of laboratory session (about 3 weeks), not every single week. The topic for this year is quite interesting. At inorganic synthesis lab we made a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) based on semiconductor. And at the organic synthesis lab we synthesized 4 compounds that have 4 different functional group to each other.

I took a Chinese course this year. I chose it because the teachers are native. It took much effort to pronounce and listen to Chinese word. Yet, I didn’t put any effort to fill my blog this month. Again.

Taken from a hill in front my college
Taken from a hill in front my college

Mungkin bulan depan…

#intermezzo dari awal tahun kedua


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